Friday, September 19, 2014

Grieving Hearts

My new kit is close to my heart this's perfect for scrapping those sad moments in your life...and with it's neutral color scheme, it will work for tons of different types of pages as well.  It's 20% off through Saturday.

Grieving Hearts by Erica Zane at SSD

Here's a page I made with it...

and here are some fabulous pages from the teams

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, go hug someone you love!
:) ez


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  2. Thank you for making kits like this, it's one of the reasons you're my favorite designer. not all moments are happy, my husband and I have had a lot of sad ones, including the losses of 2 baby boys during mid term pregnancies. It makes you realize how all the "happy" kits rub like salt on a womb, and it's good to have kit options such as yours for those sad moments, since life wasn't meant to be lived all happy and on top of the mountain, or we'd all be there all the time. thank you again. i've used your always in my heart kit and can't wait to purchase and use this one.

  3. Ah, thanks so much! There is no way I could have made a happy kit last week, so I'm glad my therapy will be of use to others. And I'm so sorry, I can't even imagine the pain of going through that...sometimes life just isn't fair. :(

    1. Thank you. It does really suck sometimes :(. Can't wait to get the one you just created, it is beautiful also!

    2. And I too have found that digiscrapping is a wonderful therapy in those not very happy moments, it's actually how I came to be introduced to digiscrapping. It works wonders, and gave me a creative way to pay tribute to our boys that we lost.