Friday, June 28, 2013

Hold On Tight!

This week, I teamed up with Rubia of Studio Basic Designs and we rocked another fabulous kit!  The colors were super fun to work with and Ru is always such a sweetie!  We decided on a "time flies" kinda theme but there is so much stuff in this kit, it will be useful for tons of different occasions! It made one huge kit plus I have a coordinating journal card set and Ru has a template set.  You can buy the pieces you want or grab the bundle!  The individual pieces are 30% off through Saturday & here they are...

Hold On Tight {kit} by Erica Zane & Studio Basic at SSD

 Hold On Tight {cards} by Erica Zane at SSD

Hold On Tight {templates} by Studio Basic at SSD

 and here is the bundle...

Hold On Tight {bundle} by Erica Zane & Studio Basic at SSD

I scrapped 2 LOs with it...

 And here are some amazing samples from the teams!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!
:) ez

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Today's new kit was on my to do list for quite some time but when my hubby had to go to the eye doctor last month & got his first pair of glasses, I knew it was time to get started!  So, here is my eye doctor/glasses kit!  The color palette is super versatile for all sorts of pages...not just for the eyes! ;)   Grab it now for 20% off through Saturday.

The Eyes Have It by Erica Zane at SSD

I still have to sneak a photo of my hubby in his glasses, but in the meantime, I scrapped this...

 Here are some awesome samples from the teams...

Have a fabulous weekend!!
:) ez

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hayfever Happens {take 2}

So a long, long  time ago, in my first year of designing, I made a kit called Hayfever has long since been retired as my style evolved over the years.  I always loved the name though and knew eventually I would make an updated kit.  So, with allergy season still going strong here, I decided I better get on it!  While most of the word art and some of the elements are allergy specific, there is quite a lot of versatility with this kit...whether you want to scrap allergies or not (check out the samples below).  It's 20% off through Saturday.

Hayfever Happens by Erica Zane at SSD

 Here is a LO I scrapped with it (I've been waiting 2 years for this kit apparently, haha!)

And here are some AMAZING LOs from the teams...

Hope you have a super weekend!!
;) ez