Friday, February 22, 2013

Bring On Spring! {plus a FREEBIE}

Oh my word...we have so many cooties in our house right now...I'm amazed I got anything done this week!  Just this week alone we've had colds, pink eye, stomach bugs, an ear infection & a sinus I started potty training my youngest...I'm exhausted!

All the extra germs are just one reason I'm not big on I thought I should make a spring kit in the hopes that spring will be here soon!  Looking at it makes me feel just a little warmer already! :)

Bring on Spring by Erica Zane at SSD

I also have some super fun 3x4 and 4x6 cards new to the Sweet Shoppe today!  They are also 20% off (through Saturday).

They are endlessly customizable - you can use them for any year you'd like.  If you purchase the bundle, you'll get a set of ready to print month cards for 2013 for FREE! 

Let's Chalk About It {Weeks} by Erica Zane at SSD 

Let's Chalk About It {Months} by Erica Zane at SSD 

Let's Chalk About It {Bundle} by Erica Zane at SSD  

AND I have a matching freebie - a 2013 year card in both 3x4 and 4x6 sizes (with & without rounded corners).

Let's Chalk About It {FREEBIE} by Erica Zane at SSD

Here are some awesome samples from the teams...

Have an awesome (& hopefully germ free) weekend!!
:) ez


  1. so sorry to hear about all the sickness at your house! i'm sooo ready for spring too...i've had a lingering cold for 2 weeks now and it's getting so old! i love your latest kit and cards...thanks so much for the freebie and i hope you all get better really soon!

  2. You're welcome! & Thank you, I hope so too! And hope yours goes away quickly too - I hate it when it lasts that long!!

  3. Thank you for the freebie. What a cute and original name for the kits!! I believe you have about every germ covered! I agree, bring on spring.

  4. Aww these are so cute! FYI the bundle doesn't show up in the store when you are just browsing. I was looking for one when I bought the packs, but there was nothing combining them. THen I came on here and saw there was. Double checked, still not there.

  5. Sorry for the confusion...You can see the bundle if you are browsing my's just not in the new release category as that would have made the price 20% off instead of 25% off...but there is a link to the bundle in the description of each product. ;)

  6. What a great gifty! Thank you so much! Love your chalk designs :)

  7. Thanks Erica, these are great !