Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How Is It 2012 Already??

Yikes - that past month FLEW by...like lightning fast! I kinda want to go back and see if I can slow it down a little! I feel like I had so much more I could have squeezed in there! I even forgot to post our Christmas card & wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Well, I think I'll post it anyway, just for fun! Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas & I wish you all a super Happy New Year! ;)

It looks like I even forgot to post my last release before Christmas, so I guess I'll catch up! I re-released my alpha and number template set...

EZ Alpha Block Template Set by Erica Zane at CatScrap

and today I'm re-releasing some old goodies all bundled up at some super low prices!

That's Messed Up by Erica Zane at CatScrap

EZ Date Bundle by Erica Zane at CatScrap

Now that my blog is ll caught up, I better go catch up on some laundry... ;(


  1. Hi, Erica!
    Love your style! Small problem thought you would want to know about.
    I tried multiple time to put your EZ Alpha Block Temp set in my Wish List and I could not get it to show up. It just kept opening my wish list, but didn't add the kit. :~(

  2. hmmm, I just tried adding it to my wishlist & it worked, I'm not sure why it won't work for you...sorry, I never know how to fix those types of quirks!!