Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Touch of Winter

{I wish we only had a touch of winter every year...but I bet we're going to have a long drawn out cold one...so sad. I miss being warm already, lol! Anyways, moving on before I get stuck on this tangent...}

I'm re-releasing A Touch of Winter today, it got a total makeover...like a huge one! I always loved the felt ornaments in this one but it really needed to be updated, so I tweaked & deleted & added until I ended up with this beauty! I even got my hubby to sketch a few things for me!

So, my mum ROCKS! She is super crafty and is always making something! For as long as I can remember she's been making things...including Christmas tree ornaments! She gave all us kids a bunch of ornaments she made when we were little. I have such fun memories of some of them - I remember hanging them up when I was pretty little so it's totally awesome to be able to have my little ones put up those same ornaments! Plus she's been adding new ones to our stash too! And of course, being a scrapper I knew I needed to make a kit with them so I could scrap with them too! The little bird with the green hat is one of my most fave ones - it started this kit...but then I couldn't stop adding goodies, so this kit is seriously packed, I couldn't even fit it all on the preview!!

A Touch of Winter by Erica Zane

Here are some wonderful LOs from the teams!

from Denise

from Stacey

from Heidi

from Tiff

from Laluna

yikes - it's past my bedtime! Good night!
:) ez

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