Friday, October 28, 2011

Sticky Homemaker? {with FREEBIE}

Yes, I know...wacky title...what can I say...I'm a bit silly and over tired, in fact, I just passed out in my chair for 10 minutes trying to finish things up, LOL! So, I'm making this short & sweet so I can go to bed, haha! {but of course blogger is giving me problems uploading pics, ack!}

EZ Date Stickyz by Erica Zane

Happy Homemaker by Erica Zane

Happy Homemaker {bonus alphas} by Erica Zane

Here are some fabulous new LOs from the CatScrap team!

from Jana

from Kelley

from Marion

from Janett

from Rachel

from Susanne

And here is the matching freebie!

Happy Homemaker {freebie} by Erica Zane
*download link expired, now only available with kit purchase*

Enjoy! :)
{the freebie...not the chores...LOL!}

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  1. Thank you for the freebie... I also love the disclaimer under the kit.... Made me laugh :)