Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scrappin' Away...

So we had to leave the beach a few days early due to Hurricane Irene and I'm still trying to get back into a semi-normal schedule...I haven't actually gotten to design anything yet...but I'm mostly unpacked and we have groceries, so hooray!

But don't think I've been neglecting my computer ;) I have actually been doing some scrapping - amazing, I know! Though I can't take much credit - I used some fab templates for most of these (thanks Roadside Designs!) and some awesome kits by the amazing creashens (plus some other CatScrap beauties!) ... and I also must mention my new fave font - Holy Guacamole by Lisa Sisneros, it's super CUTE - I've been using it on everything, lol!

{click LOs for full credits}

Just had to blog was feeling lonely. (PS - some of these were from before my vacation, I haven't been that productive, lol!)

Hopefully I can get designing tonight...if I can stop scrapping, haha!
:) ez

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